Q1: Which sports is the camera toolkit suitable for?

A1: The toolkit can be used for virtually any sport, providing there are suitable fixtures upon which to attach the cameras. The cameras’ field of view is comparable to the size of a tennis court; if you’re looking to capture a full-size football pitch, contact us for information on how to adapt the system to your needs. You can use the SportRETiNA toolkit for one to one coaching in many sports, e.g. football, rugby, etc.

Q2: What can I attach the cameras to?

A2: You can attach them to most fixtures, such as poles, nets, chairs, cones, ball baskets - even flat surfaces. Within the toolkit, we include a number of attachments (i.e. selfie stick, clamp, flexible mini-tripod and various straps) that should get you started. These are 100% compatible with GoPro accessories.

Q3: How many cameras can I use with the system?

A3: We have successfully tested the system with six cameras on a tennis court, and it’s doubtful that you will need more than this. You may also struggle to view more than four videos at the same time on your tablet. Kits are offered with two, three and four cameras; however, you can simply add further cameras to your order.

Q4: Can I use the system in wet weather?

A4: It depends. The cameras are splash-proof and will work in light rain; however, if the rain is heavy, we do not recommend using them. The hub is not waterproof; however, once it’s switched on, you can put this in a sheltered place, such as your sports bag or the pocket of your jacket.

SportReTiNA camera toolkit


Q1: Do I need internet access to use the SportReTiNA system?

A1: No. The system hub creates its own wi-fi local hotspot to which your cameras and your phone/tablet/laptop can connect to. If you wish to upload your videos to the cloud or your favourite social media channel, as well as use the online video clip database, you will need internet access via your phone (as a hotspot) or through a wi-fi router.

Q2: How far can the cameras be placed away from the hub?

A2: The cameras use wi-fi to connect to the hub and you should be able to get a good 20-30 metre range before the signal weakens or disappears. Please remember, the further away the camera is from the hub, the slower the communication speed, and video playback could therefore be affected. However, you can download all the videos you’ve recorded on the cameras to the hub before playing them back.

Q3: What technology is used for the wrist-worn remote?

A3: Bluetooth LE. You need to be within 8-10 metres of the hub for the remote to work. If you are further away than this, you can still use your mobile phone and wi-fi to control the recording from the main web user interface.

Q4: How do I get hold of my video and photo files once I’ve finished using the system?

A4: You can either connect a USB stick to the hub to download the files or you can connect your hub to your wi-fi router using a USB wi-fi adapter and download the files that way. Additional features soon to be introduced will allow you to upload files directly to the cloud as well as to your favourite social media channel.

Q5: How do I receive software upgrades?

A5: As we roll out the product, we will continue to improve the software and add new features. Software upgrades will be available from our website; you can either download the upgrade file onto a USB stick that you then connect to your system hub or you can directly upgrade the whole system by the click of a button on the web user interface if the hub is connected to the internet.

SportReTiNA camera, hub and remote

Ordering and customer support

Q1: I would like to place an order for the toolkit. How do I do that?

A1: Send us an email with your specific requirements, we are more than happy to customise your order according to your needs. We are only able to produce a limited number of toolkits at this hugely discounted price, so don’t hesitate to place your order to avoid disappointment.

Q2: How long will it take to receive the toolkit?

A2: We will endeavour to get your toolkit ready to ship as quickly as possible. We are building the toolkits on demand and are dependent on the delivery times of suppliers of the individual parts. We aim to fulfil each order within 2-3 weeks. If you need it quicker than this, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Q3: Do you ship internationally?

A3: Yes, of course. Let us know the country of destination and we’ll calculate shipping costs as well as any applicable import taxes of that country.

Q4: What are your terms and conditions for returns?

A4: If you’re unhappy with the product, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

Q5: I love the product and wish to become a reseller as I have a large network of fellow sport coaches. Are you interested?

A5: Absolutely! If you are in such a position, please get in touch and we can discuss a commercial collaboration.

Q6: Do you provide technical support for your product?

A6: Of course. If you’re experiencing any issues with the product or you have a question, simply email us and we will respond as quickly as possible. We do not have 24/7 call centre capability, however, so please be patient whilst we respond to your issue.

SportReTiNA camera toolkit

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