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Unlock your potential with video analysis technology designed for your needs

Whether you are a sports coach, a performance athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, SportReTiNA (Sport REal TIme aNAlysis) is possibly the only video technology you’ll ever need to maximise your potential and improve your abilities, or that of your clients. It allows you to quickly focus on areas where performance and technique can be improved using the power of visual feedback.

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Receive your early adopter discount - limited supply available!

As an early SportReTiNA customer, you can receive an exclusive discount of up to 25% on your selected kit, however, supply is limited. Send us an order enquiry to secure your toolkit today. Our affordable packages allow you to choose between 2, 3 or 4 camera bundles.

Sport video analysis on the fly

A portable video recording and analysis tool that is fully customisable and affordable. Just choose how many cameras you need and you are ready to take your game to the next level.

Click, Screw, Place, Play

In a matter of minutes, you will be set up and ready to go. Compatible with any wireless device for complete control. Once you have finished, simply pack everything away in your sportsbag.
SportReTiNA camera toolkit

Never miss a moment, record the last 30 seconds

With hands-free remote recording, catch every moment (past and future) using our wearable device. See an action before capturing it to save time when reviewing.

Use our video analysis software or your own

Review synchronised videos on your phone, tablet or laptop during your coaching session or after with the provided software or with your own. Save time with no video editing required.

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