What is SportReTiNA?

Start taking your game to the next level today

Maximise your potential both as a coach or as an athlete and take your game to the next level using the power of video analysis technology. As a a coach, SportReTiNA is a simple but yet powerful tool that can enhance your career and professional look, making you stand out from the crowd. As an athlete, you will be able to monitor your progress, learn and improve faster so long as you still listen to your coach!

Camera and Hub
Lady with racket

Not your typical sports camera

SportReTiNA is not another video analysis app either. It is instead a portable video recording toolkit that includes a number (up to 6) of small wireless cameras and other accessories that can be placed in chosen locations on a sport practice court/pitch using provided multi-purpose attachments. It allows you to capture on-demand, synchronised, high frame rate video footage and high resolution photos that are immediately available for playback on any portable wireless device.

SportReTiNA cameras

Fast to set up, simple to use

Thanks to its bespoke camera attachments, SportReTiNA only takes a few minutes to set up in a sports training ground. Switch on the cameras, connect your phone or tablet, wear the wrist remote and you are ready to start working on your athlete's performance and technique (or your own) using the power of video analysis.

Download the product sheet - (English) (Italian)

SportReTiNA camera with clip

Key features

SportReTiNA camera setup

Capture from any angle

Place the cameras anywhere in the sports ground

SportReTiNA video playback

Synchronised views

Get synchronised videos from multiple views

SportReTiNA wrist remote

Record anytime

Record remotely with a simple click of a button

On-court video playback review

On-court review

Review footage right away during the session

Share on social media

Upload to the cloud and share

Share videos with fellow coaches and athletes

SportReTiNA web app

Use the SportReTiNA web app

Compare your technique with the champions

Watch how to use SportRetiNA to take your coaching to the next level
(Cameras used in this video are an earlier prototype)

Instant video feedback

Play the videos on your own tablet or laptop

Play the videos in slow-motion

Watch multiple views simultaneously

Move back and forward frame by frame

Use basic drawing tools for your video analysis

Side-by-side video comparison between athletes (using the SportReTiNA web app)

Compare your technique against the champions (using the SportReTiNA web app)

Build a video history archive for each player (using the SportReTiNA web app)

Download the product brochure - (English) (Italian)

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